Caroline Clegg


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Caroline’s journey with Mende began in 2005 when she read Slave. She could not ignore what she read and as a story-teller in her own right she wanted to make a difference through theatre. She made it her mission to bring Mende’s story to life on stage.
She began her collaboration with Damien Lewis and Mende Nazer on the script. On 23 November 2010 the play premiered a the Lowry Theatre in Manchester, UK. Mende and the majority of the Foundation members were in attendance. They were all so incredibly moved by the play and inspired by Caroline’s sincerity and dedication that the Foundation asked her to join the board.
Caroline, a successful actor and award winning theatre and opera director founded Feelgood Theatre Productions in 1994. Since then she has produced and directed all of their shows. Risk and adventure informs all her work and in 2004 she was delighted when Feelgood was given a Civic Reception by the Lord Mayor of Manchester in recognition of the company’s work. In 2005 she was named Lancashire Woman of the Year, in 2006 she was awarded the Angel Award for Excellence and the John Thaw Fellowship by Manchester University and in 2007 she was awarded the Manchester Evening News Horniman Award for her ‘outstanding contribution to live theatre’.