Janan Sutherland


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Janan Sutherland is the chairman of the Mende Nazer Foundation. Janan was first exposed to the harsh realities of Sudan while he was deployed there as a U.N. Military Observer.

During his tour of duty he was determined to help in a capacity outside of his official duties. With the support of his family and friends he raised money to build a girl’s school in the village of Kortala in the heart of the Nuba Mountains. After their first meeting together, Mende asked Janan to use his practical experiences to assist her in starting the foundation and leading the projects on the ground. Considering the life changing experience of working in the Sudan and his desire to help, he agreed and was adapted as a member and the vice-chairman of the foundation which eventually led to the chairmanship after Tom Hoyem passed the torch.
Janan is an officer in the Canadian Forces and a graduate of the Royal Military College. He served his country both upon the sea and land. He sailed with several frigates and destroyers in the Canadian Navy and has since deployed on peacekeeping missions to Sinai, Egypt and the Nuba Mountains, Sudan as a Military Observer.
Janan currently resides in Gatineau Canada.