Tom Høyem


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Tom Høyem is the original chairman behind the Mende Nazer Foundation. It was through his initial efforts and goodwill that Mende received the required support to launch her foundation in July 2009. As Tom begins his first steps towards retirement, he has since decided to pass the torch to Janan Sutherland supporting him as the new chairman.
Tom was born on 10 October 1941. For 5 years between September 1982 and September 1987, he served as Minister for Greenland within the Danish government. On 14 September 1984, Tom was awarded the Order of the Dannebrog, which is an Order of Denmark honouring the faithful servants of the Danish state for meritorious service.
Tom has served as an independent election observer for OSCE on behalf of the Danish government in Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Palestine and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Tom now resides in Karlsruhe Germany with his wife where he is the Director of the European School Karsruhe. Before this time, he had previously been the Director of 2 other European Schools in Munich, Germany and Oxford, United Kingdom.
In 1994, he joined the Freie Deomkratische Partei (FDP), the German liberal party, and in 2004 he was elected to serve on the Gemeinderat (council) of the city of Karlsruhe. 
Tom is also an author and journalist, having published 9 books.