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We are an international charitable organization inspired by Mende Nazer. Mende’s testimony transcends ethnicity, religion and gender and it is the magnet that has drawn in people from all over the world to hear her tell her story. With this new awareness it is our wish to turn enthusiasm for her story into good works in the heart of the Nuba Mountains. 

It is Mende’s lifelong dream to offer a hope and opportunity to the children of her homeland that was robbed from her. Join us now to provide the most important gift we can give, hope. Mende’s people, the Nuba, fell victim to unspeakable atrocities during the 20 year civil war and ongoing conflict.




Our aim is to work with communities to offer teacher training, construct primary schools, wells and water purification systems, bring medical aid, in the impoverished and war-torn Nuba Mountains region of Sudan.  



Our vision is that the Nuba Mountains will have a properly equipped and self-sustaining primary education system that will allow their children to have the basic education required for further development and a hopeful future. It is also our vision that all those living in the Nuba Mountains will have access to potable water which will provide for healthy living and regional stability.



The Mende Nazer Foundation relies on the generosity of its donors and volunteers to make certain we achieve our aim. To ensure the trust between the donors, volunteers and the Foundation, it was founded on the following principles. 
  • Construction projects are to be built through community effort
  • Materials are to be purchased from local markets
  • Local designs are to be followed
  • All foundation members are volunteers and receive no salary
  • We will use volunteer and donor resources wisely and with integrity of purpose
  • We will conduct our activities with professionalism, integrity and compassion 

Through these principles and values we will maximize every dollar donated, stimulate the local economy and promote ownership of the community. This is different to many foreign aid projects that can tend to be wasteful, imported and unfamiliar.