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The Mende Nazer Foundation was officially established on Sunday 19 July 2009 in Karlsruhe Germany by Mende Nazer and a close group of her supporters.

From the moment that Mende attained her freedom, her thoughts and prayers have always been with those who continue to suffer in Sudan. She has become determined to use her new found freedom and influence as a force for good in her homeland.
It was during a visit, as an invited guest, to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Mende met Tom Høyem. Tom was so touched by Mende's story and the plight of the Nuba people that he was compelled to help. This resulted in a friendship and partnership that quickly bore fruit.

Tom diligently went to work, using his influence to assemble trusted and experienced associates to launch a non-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to fulfill Mende's aim and vision.

Gathering at the European School Karlsruhe on 19 July 2009, the founding members established the Mende Nazer Foundation. With the headquarters in Karlsruhe, it was the intent of the foundation to expand into an international charitable organization.

The Mende Nazer Foundation relies on the generosity of its donors and volunteers to make certain we achieve our aim. To ensure the integrity of the Foundation it was founded on a solid set of values and principles. This includes that all members are volunteers.

Through these stated principles and values, the foundation is dedicated to maximize every dollar donated, stimulate the local economy and promote ownership of the projects. This is different to many foreign aid projects that can tend to be wasteful, imported and unfamiliar.

This foundation is Mende's dream. Although a humble beginning there is no doubt we will achieve our ends. We have faith, hope and love in our hearts, and yes we believe.

Your generosity will present an incredible opportunity to help people find their dignity and restore their hope in the future. The time is right.