MISSION SUCCESS! Mende Brings Supplies to the Nuba Mountains

Mende Nazer with children from the Nuba Mountains

Our hearts yearn daily for the welfare of the Nuba people – that is why we bring you the following update with indescribable joy!

Under very perilous circumstances, we delivered much-needed humanitarian supplies to Mende’s village of Karko and surrounding area. The trip also raised awareness of the ongoing conflict and subsequent suffering of the innocent population. There were other intangible benefits such as adding to our experience, reputation, partner networking and confidence.

Fund Raising Dinner

Join Mende Nazer at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic for a supper at a "pop-up restaurant" hosted by classically trained French Chef Allan McPherson (owner on PICNIC roving pop-up restaurant). Reception at 7 pm followed by a 3 course meal at 7:30 pm. Cost is $125 with all proceeds going to the Mende Nazer Foundation. For more details contact

Mende in Halifax, 5. Feb 2015

There will be a special event in Halifax, Canada on Thursday, 5 February 2015. Three local universities have agreed to host Mende during International Development Week. Mende will share her personal story to raise awareness about modern slavery. It will take place at Mount Saint Vincent University in the Multipurpose Room, Rosaria Student Centre. Presentations will begin at 2:30 pm followed by the viewing of the BBC film she inspired, I AM SLAVE, at 4:00 pm. If you require any further details please contact


Generosity at the Swiss Economic Forum 2014

The Swiss Economic Forum promotes entrepreneurial ideas and connects ideas from business, politics and science.

They extended this invitation to leaders in the humanities as well, welcoming Mende as a guest speaker in June 2014 where she shared her life experiences and future ambitions.

The generosity she received was overwhelming. Hundreds of participants at the forum expressed their empathy towards Mende and her foundation. The foundation also received over 30,000 EURO in donations.

The Attacks Continue

We continue to keep Mende's homeland in our thoughts and prayers. The attacks in the region continue. The militia groups and proxy forces are in the region plundering and burning villages, many local tribesman are being killed. As a result, many innocent villagers are being killed and the survivors have fled to nearby caves. The are suffering from illness and starvation and are cut off from assistance or help from NGOs and other charitable organizations.