MISSION SUCCESS! Mende Brings Supplies to the Nuba Mountains


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30 JUNE 2018

Hundreds of Sudanese join protest in London against 29 years of Bashir’s rule

A broad coalition of the Sudanese diaspora in the UK, alongside Waging Peace, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART), and student-led movement STAND UK demonstrated on Saturday 30 June 2018, to mark 29 years since President Omar al-Bashir assumed office in Sudan.

Mende Nazer spoke at the protest, saying:

“Khartoum burns, kills, enslaves and bombs us. They destroy our culture, bulldoze our schools and bomb our hospitals. But we are still Nuba. I was enslaved for many years. I escaped thanks to people of Britain. Please urge your government not to support the cruel government in Khartoum. We have families we love, just like you. But the British Government is increasing support for the cruel Khartoum. We do not want to be refugees. We want to stay in our beautiful land of the Nuba Mountains.”


Janan, Mende, Baroness Cox and Tom in front of the British Prime Minister's House, 10 Downing to deliver a petition


Mende Nazer with children from the Nuba Mountains

Our hearts yearn daily for the welfare of the Nuba people – that is why we bring you the following update with indescribable joy!

Under very perilous circumstances, we delivered much-needed humanitarian supplies to Mende’s village of Karko and surrounding area. The trip also raised awareness of the ongoing conflict and subsequent suffering of the innocent population. There were other intangible benefits such as adding to our experience, reputation, partner networking and confidence.

Due to the ongoing conflict, it has been a discouraging last few years for all of us as we waited for an opportunity to help. It was therefore with zeal that we leaped at this opportunity. Mende describes the situation: As a result of Sudan government destroying schools in the Nuba Mountains, I was not able to build one at the moment but instead I brought medical and other supplies. In the future, when the peace is settled, our hope is to build a school. Meanwhile, there is a much desperate need for medication with the current situation.”

The trip took shape after Mende Nazer and longtime friend Baroness Caroline Cox (member of the British House of Lords who assisted Mende in gaining her freedom) reunited and agreed to be partners in this extraordinary mission. They were escorted by the Baroness’ supporter David Thomas (Baroness’ friend), Caroline Clegg (MNF member) and John Miles (documentary filmmaker and photographer).

The supplies they delivered are as follows:

200 kg of medicine for:

  • bacterial infections
  • anti-malaria
  • worm infestations
  • pain and fever

A large quantity of first aid supplies

  • diagnostic equipment
  • infection control
  • burn treatment
  • fracture/sprain management
  • wound, lacerations, bleeding dressings
  • syringe kit
  • first aid manuals
  • eye care
  • tooth care
  • Portable Solar Panels
  • Sorghum grains and seeds for nourishment and future harvests
  • Water pumps / motors for extracting well water


Photographer and filmmaker John Miles is in the process of processing and editing the video footage taken during the trip. In the meantime, he has generously provided the attached slideshow to give you a visual experience as seen by Mende and the team.

During Question Period in the British House of Lords, on 23 January 2017, Baroness Caroline Cox inquired Her Majesty’s Government on their assessment of recent developments in Sudan. She also submitted a report on her visit. Here is one excerpt:

“On this visit, Mende returned to the Nuba Mountains for a very poignant reunion with her people and her homeland. A film-maker, John Miles, accompanied the visit to document Mende’s historic return as well as the continuing suffering of the people of the Nuba Mountains at the hands of the GOS.”

“The GOS continues to inflict military offensives against innocent civilians through aerial bombardment with Antonov, MiG and Suhoy aircraft, long-range shelling and ground offensives with Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) causing death and injury directly and attenuated death and physical vulnerability through forcing thousands to flee from their homes to live in life-threatening conditions with severely impaired access to food, water and health care.”

Caroline Clegg, friend and foundation member, describes her experience:

“…I am still reflecting on the myriad of experiences that we encountered.   The over-arching feeling is one of elation at the complete success of the mission to deliver aid to Karko, Mende’s village; the joy at seeing Mende with her people and the steep learning curve of skills and knowledge which will enable us to grow our foundation.    Personally, I have learnt about logistics, politics, the unrelenting suffering of the people not only of the Nuba Mountains but also in the Bhar – El – Ghazal region.   Most importantly, strategies for building a long-term development plan to aid them.

“This was a transformative trip for myself personally and for MNF.  Now our task is to shape the future carefully and with love and consideration.  We will never match the courage of the Nuba or those in South Sudan; but I believe that we can be the wind beneath their wings to enable them to take flight and live the life that is their right.”

Our success would not be possible without the help of the many donors! You should feel proud and celebrate that your generosity was delivered to the Nuba people, bringing hope! With your continued support we will be successful in the years to come.