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We have posted a picture of our London meeting at the Royal Over Seas League with Mende and our newest members.

Our recent humanitarian mission was made possible by cooperating with the experienced and dedicated Baroness Caroline Cox and her colleague David Thomas. We are fortunate that they both joined the Mende Nazer foundation at our 2017 Annual Meeting in London.

By expanding our membership and building bridges we will ensure our growth and continued success. In time, we will strengthen our position in Germany, Canada and the UK. I am confident that this foundation has the right people and values to continue to achieve its aims.

Also a special thanks to John Miles, from Equilibrium Films. He accompanied Mende to Sudan, volunteering his resources and putting himself at risk to capture the mission on film– for this we are grateful. Soon we will have a trailer on the website and the full DVD available to purchase as a fundraiser. We are very excited to present this.