We have good news.

Since open hostilities have seized, the 3 priorities of Mende’s village of Karko have been (1) water supply (2) medical support and (3) education for their children. As per our previous update, their number 1 priority has been satisfied with our help. Now we have an initiative to help with their number two priority.

The citizens of Karko must travel very far for medical support, often on foot. With our support they will now have their own local medical clinic. It is being built of stones and brick and will be powered with solar panels. The building will consist of an office, reception area, storage room and a treatment area with 6-8 beds.

The project aligns with our founding principles. The need was identified by the village; the clinic is being built through community effort; and the materials and design are local. We are very proud of this endeavour and optimistic it will increase the quality of life of the local village.

Local Medical Clinic
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